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College in the High School

Did you know students have the option to earn free college credits without having to leave the building?

Southridge High School is the only high school in Kennewick to offer over 20 dual-credit (High School and College Credit for the same class) options for students through the College in the High School program. The College in the High School dual-credit program has partnered with the University of Washington, Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University to give the opportunity for high school students to take college courses at Southridge High School and receive both high school and college credit for them. The program is similar to Running Start but the classes take place in the high school instead of expecting students to travel to a college campus during their school day, and are taught by a specially certified teacher.

The program is free to all participating students due to the passage of Senate Bill 5048.

Southridge offers College in the High School courses in math, science, English, and history. The Kennewick School Board authorized high schools to work with colleges and universities on developing agreements for the College in the High School program in 2014, and Southridge has been growing the program each year since.

College in the High School is a great opportunity for students to enter college with a head start on credits. Advantages of taking College in the High School classes are:

  • Free tuition
  • Credits increase the student's admission score
  • Students can register for college courses early
  • Extended time in class compared to university courses and greater teacher support
  • No textbook purchase or transportation costs
  • Opportunity for college course experience while being able to remain with their friends and peers at the high school

Students receive additional information during the first two weeks of the school year about the program and how to get enrolled.



John Griffith