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School Closures & Delays

As a reminder to our community, when there is no notification posted, schools are running as normal.

When the Kennewick School District is deciding whether to delay or cancel classes because of inclement weather, several factors are considered, including: 

  • Road conditions and the ability of buses, families and staff members to get to school safely. 
  • Ability of school district maintenance crews to clear parking lots, bus loops and sidewalks around the schools.
  • Worsening weather conditions and the forecast.

Timing of Delay or Closure Announcements

We make every effort to notify our community of a two-hour delay or closure by 6 a.m. As soon as a decision is made, information is posted on the district website at In most cases, if there is no notification by 6 a.m., classes will follow a regular schedule.

It is possible that a two-hour delay may change to a closure due to worsening road conditions. A final decision will be made by 7:30 a.m. If there is a change, an updated notification will be sent out.

Road conditions can vary throughout the district, depending on where you live. The district supports a parent’s or guardian’s decision to pick their child up early or not send their child to school. Absences due to winter weather will be considered excused with parent permission.

Notifications about school delays and closures are announced on the school district website, by email/text/phone to families, and  local news and radio stations.

Two-Hour Delay

If a two-hour delay is announced all schools open two hours later than normal. This includes the online programs at Mid-Columbia Partnership and Endeavor High School.

If the decision is made for a two-hour delay, the following programs are canceled:

  • AM ECEAP, AM Keewaydin Discovery Center
  • AM Tri-Tech Skills Center
  • AM athletics, music and activities. 
  • High school zero-hour classes
  • Morning breakfast

How does a two-hour delay affect Wednesday Early Release day? 

If a two-hour delay occurs on a K-8 Early Release day, the day will still be an early release. If a two-hour delay occurs on a 9-12 Early Release day, the early release is canceled for high school students only and students will end school at the regular time. If the high school early release is canceled, the early release will be rescheduled for the following Wednesday.

School Cancelation - Athletics and After-School Activities

If school is canceled, all classes, out-of-district transportation, meetings, field trips, and after-school activities will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. Athletic practices and games will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. The district will make a determination by 1 p.m. about whether varsity athletic practices will be held. All evening meetings and events scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled. This includes the online programs at Mid-Columbia Partnership and Endeavor High School. 

Cancellation of After School Athletics, Activities, and Events on Days on Days With No School Day Delays or Cancellations

There may be times when there is no school delay or cancellation, but weather conditions are worsening or predicted to worsen as the day progresses. On such days, the district will monitor conditions and the forecast and will decide by 1 p.m. whether to hold or cancel afterschool athletics, activities, and events. If there is a cancellation, all evening meetings and events scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled.

Does the school district release students early if the weather worsens?

We do not send children home early in the event of snow or ice. This would be difficult due to the challenge of notifying all parents/guardians and ensuring there is an adult at home or elsewhere to supervise children. A parent or guardian may pick their child up early if they choose and should provide a notification to the office. This will be considered an excused absence.


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