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Booster Club

What does the Booster Club do?

  •     Provides non-profit organizational structure and accountability of funds raised by teams and clubs for special needs recognized and approved by the Boosters.
  •     Provides informational services and support to families and friends of Southridge High School.
  •     Operates the concession stand at sports and other events
  •     Assists in getting volunteers to help in student activities.
  •     Provides opportunities for parents to be involved in their child's school-related activities.

What You Can Do to Support the Booster Club?

  •     Attend and support the events and student activities of Southridge High School.
  •     Volunteer your time to support booster activities (e.g. working the concession stand, etc).
  •     Sign up with the Booster Club early in the year so we can keep you informed of our activities.
  •     Attend Booster Club meetings to participate in the club's planning and decision making.