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General Guidelines for athletic Events

MCC General Guidelines for Athletic Events

*Games may be delayed or suspended for non-compliance*

  1. Outdoor venues will be limited to 200 spectators and indoor venues will be limited to 200 spectators or 25% fire code capacity (whichever is less) INCLUDING players, coaches, athletic trainers, officials, and home workers.
    1. Home spectators only at events
    2. Varsity Football, Cheer, & Dance will be limited on entrance to contests as well as parents
  1. No shaking hands before/after the game.
  1. Spectators at indoor and outdoor school-sponsored activities or events must wear a face mask regardless of ability to physically distance.
  1. Players/coaches on the bench/sideline must wear masks.
  1. Understand and practice school/district and local health protocols for COVID-19 prevention and tracking.
  1. Place signage in facilities to inform participants/spectators on protocol and best practices. School/district mandated policies should be communicated to all stakeholders prior to a contest.
  1. All athletes must complete your monthly attestation
    1. Parents must comply with Covid-19 protocols prior to entry into each contest
  1. Rosters of all participants, coaches and support staff need to be sent to host school 24 hours prior to the start of the event. 
    1. Any Monday games, the roster needs to be sent by noon the day of the event.
  1. Each host school will have a screening process for home spectators prior to admission.
  1. Any players, coaches, or spectators who are sick shall not be engaged

in practices and/or contests.

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You can now Schedule a visit to the KSD IT department for in person help! (Parents, guardians and students only please).

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